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6 Family Activities for Outdoor Fun



In today’s Cyber world of computers, smartphones and tablets, families are not spending near enough time outside. The benefits of walking and other forms of physical activity are many, and the dangers of sitting for extended periods of time can literally take years off of your life. Check out these 6 ideas for family activities that get you outdoor bonding time with your spouse and children, and reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

  •  Go for a walk or a hike. Getting out in nature and away from the electronic, connected world will do wonders for you and your family. And if you do not have access to mother nature, make the family walk a museum or aquarium trip with a “no phone” rule.


  • Your body actually begins to make important vitamin D when your skin is directly exposed to the sun. And it only takes 10 to 15 minutes of sunshine three times a week to produce all the vitamin D that a human being needs. Why not begin a family garden and set aside dedicated time to spend tending to it? This can also be a great way to receive the benefits of fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables in your diet.


  • Kids love bicycling, and as a parent, you know you can use the exercise. The perfect outdoor family activity, a quick 20 minute ride around the block or an extended trip on the local bike trail will deliver excellent physical fitness rewards, as well as a time to visit and bond as a family.


  • And don’t forget, outdoor family activities can take place at night as well. At you can access a list of year-round moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses and important planet viewing dates. Take the family in the backyard for some stargazing fun that can also be educational for both you and your children.


  • You could also use your outdoor family activity time as a great way to instill positive qualities in your children. When you volunteer as a family for a conservation project or a neighborhood cleanup, you put down the electronics and pick up a sense of pride and self-fulfillment. is a wonderful site which lists volunteering opportunities around the globe.


  • Camping is a great outdoor family activity for a lot of reasons. Teamwork, independence and other important life skills can be taught on a simple weekend trip, and the experience in the great outdoors is rewarding and enjoyable for both children and adults alike.


Remember, getting your family together outdoors and away from cell phones and computers delivers multiple benefits. Your health is enhanced, and you can learn valuable insights about your family members. Schedule one of the outdoor family activities listed above as soon as possible, and enjoy the many rewards that the great outdoors has to offer.

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