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Re-Energize Your Family with A Vacation

View of the Space Needle from one of the nearby harbors

View of the Space Needle from one of the nearby harbors

It’s important to just  sometimes get away from it all. Traveling to another city or another country can give you a new perspective, give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the freedom and ambiance and being catered to for a change is always a plus. A family vacation might be just what everyone needs to re-energize.

Taking a family vacation not only rejuvenates, but allows the family to breathe, take in sites, engage in activities you’ve never been part of before, and commiserate with people from another city or culture.

All too often we think that having a few weeks off enables us to take out the list of things to do around the home that have been left undone. But staying home can be the worst thing. Even though you’re on vacation, and you say you are going to relax and enjoy it,  inevitably you wind up implementing new tasks or trying to finish old ones.  That’s not a vacation.

No doubt after being cooped up all winter long, someone has pushed your proverbial button or hit on your last nerve. You’ve perhaps become a bit agitated or stressed out. Let’s face it, if you are a working mom, or tend to small children at home – you need a break.

Heck, the entire family needs a break.  To keep everyone happy and sane, the best course of action is a family vacation. To go somewhere where people wait on and pamper you.  Somewhere you don’t have to worry about phone calls, preparing dinner, running around town completing all the errands you have on your list.

Think of it! You and your hubby can relax on a beach looking out at the blue-green ocean while your kids are having a great time building sandcastles. You can have breakfast served in bed every morning, enjoy wonderful dinners at different restaurants, engage in a variety of outdoor activities for the whole family, and meet new people and discover new cultures.

Re-Energize Your Family with A Vacation!

6 thoughts on “Re-Energize Your Family with A Vacation

  1. We’re all about staycation’s this year to keep the costs low and trying to go green. But I totally agree, every fam needs a break whether its out and about or shut in! 🙂

  2. I’ve actually never had a vacation quite like that. My husband and I have taken one vacation in the last 4 years. It was road trip to Vancouver & Vancouver Island. It wasn’t relaxing how some people might want in a vacation (vegging out on the beach, for example ;)!), but it was lovely. We did camping every other night to keep it budget-friendly, and it was the best adventure of my life!

  3. We haven’t been on vacation for so long, but we are fortunate enough that someone is letting us stay in their summer home for a week! God is great 🙂 And my parents are going along so that will be fun. My kids are teens and they love my parents!

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