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Dancing, and Looking Good Doing It

Dancing, and Looking Good Doing It


Dancing has certainly taken off in popularity, and the reasons are numerous. Some of us credit the hit show Dancing with the Stars, especially because it brought back the spirit of competition.


Looking your best, for those of us who participate in a dancing competition, regardless of age, is an important element to how your dance presentation will be perceived. Incredible deals are available for those shopping for that upcoming dance competition.


So, what do you say, let’s take a quick synopsis of the popularity of the show Dancing with the Stars. Then, we will look at the health benefits of dancing. Our conclusion will review some great costume deals for dancers.

Inspiring TV


Since its premiere in 2005, Dancing with the Stars has seen celebrities from all walks of life perform. While the basic premise of the show is a dance competition, it has evolved into a program filled with drama and controversy, which is good for ratings.


The influence of television programming on an individual varies, yet the acknowledgement of its existence can’t be denied. Examples are everywhere, from the young boy watching the Dallas Cowboys dreaming of a career in the NFL to the young musical mind taking in an appearance by The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.


Health Benefits With Dance


Sure, watching the professionals and well-trained celebrities make the moves on the television helps us appreciate the level of physical fitness involved. For the rest of us, these “extremes” if you will are not necessary to realize the fruitful benefits to regular dancing.


Often regarded as a recreational activity, and frequently left out of the physical exercise conversation, dancing lacks the respect it deserves for healthier living:


– Muscle stretching

– Cognitive function

– Endorphin release

– Coordination and balance

– Communication skills

– Self-esteem


While this is a partial list, you get the idea. The health benefits far exceed the physical realm, regardless of your age. The mental discipline coupled with the physical exercise results in a healthier you.


Saving on Costumes


If you will be performing in a competition, before you begin shopping for a costume take into consideration the theme of the contest. If a competition is not in your future, and you are just looking to dress up and have fun, look around and let your imagination take off!


While browsing the available retailers, look for a company that has an established reputation in the dance industry. Ask yourself if they are more than just a provider of goods. Do they support the industry in other ways?


An example of a company that not only provides the best in dancewear but also works behind the scenes in the dance industry to make it better for all involved is Just For Kix (


They offer a full-line of products to make your dance attire comfortable and attractive. Everything from dance shoes, costumes, and clothes are available at affordable prices for you to browse.





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