Diamond Tab Dry Erase Magnetic Whiteboard Is Perfect For Any Age

If you are looking for a white board that is can be used for multiple things, I would recommend the Diamond Tab Dry Erase Magnetic Whiteboard. I recently received the white board for the purpose of review and there are so many features that I love about it.

It comes with magnetic strips that provides you with the option of hanging the white board on your refrigerator however there is also double sided tape included in case you want to hang the white board on the wall. It also comes with a dry eraser and marker,an instruction guide and cute diamond shaped magnet to hold notes and papers in place.




I love the fact that, not only is it perfect for adult’s to use to stay organized as well as add upcoming family events,grocery list and more. It’s perfect for children of various age groups to have countless hours of fun drawing.



Not only does my 6 year old love it, so does my 12 year old son. The whiteboard is super light yet very durable which makes carrying it no problem.Once you are ready to hang it up, you can easily do so.





Diamond Tab Dry Erase Magnetic Whiteboard Is Perfect For Any Age and makes a great holiday gift for the family or the office. Check out this quick video:



To get your on Magnetic White Board, head over to Amazon. 

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