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6 thoughts on “#free Subscription to Readers Digest

  1. When I was young I were used to read a lot. Excellent material, I read everything posted since fifties to seveventies I enjoyed a lot. Excellent paper, never a single misspelling, excellent content. It would be great if a lot more people were willing to read so much interesting stuff and other fun stuff. I recommend without blinking,

  2. Oh yes. I would be extremely glad if you could spare me a one year FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO READER’S DIGEST. Since high school at 14 years old i’ve been an avid reader/subscriber of RD. I GUESS I DESERVE TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREE COPIES OF RD SINCE I AM NOW RETIRED AT 69 years old. Thank you!

  3. Free readers digest magazine. Need for home maker mom pls with big words and prevention magazine. Thnks

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