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Moms are busy people out there. Whether you work out of the home or you are a stay at home mom, you are always on the go.If you are transporting your baby in a car-seat, it is easy for your babies head to fall forward. If you have ever experienced this, you know exactly what I mean. If this has every happened to you, I have the perfect solution for you, it’s called Baby Elephant Ears.  Baby Elephant Ears are stylish and functional all at the same time. You are probably wondering what the heck they are, right? Well, Baby Elephant Ears are a multi-use headrest that provides your child with spinal and neck alignment along with comfort. You can get them in all sorts of prints as well, so there is something to match every little ones personality and mother’s style.



They are inspired by chiropractors and are designed by a mom just like many of us, who was looking for a way to provide her little one with some relief. This has to be one of the best combinations for something supportive for your child that I have ever heard of. They can go with your little one almost anywhere such as the stroller, swing, car-seat and even the changing table! You can have support for your child’s neck whenever it is needed. An even bigger plus is that these are able to be washed and they have no attachments to them whatsoever. The washing process is to wash in cold and dry on warm. Super easy! All that you do is to place the pillow behind your baby’s head and pull the elephant earlobes under your baby’s chin. This simple way to support your child will help them develop healthy and strong posture by giving their head and neck muscles all the support that they need.The recommended age to use Baby Elephant Ears with are newborns up to two years old. This is the prime time for cranial and spinal development. Even though this is the recommended ages, you can continue to use Baby Elephant Ears as long as your child feels comfortable with them.


Check out this video to see it in action:

There are questions that you may be asking about Baby Elephant Ears, and I will try to put to rest any of them that you may have. So, how do you use them in the car-seat? They are simply placed behind your baby’s head snugly. They will already be strapped in so there is no other system needed to keep the ears in place. Experts have recommended a towel or something of the like to support behind the baby’s neck and head in a car-seat, so why not use Baby Elephant Ears instead?
elephant earsThe inventor of the Baby Elephant Ears is a wife to one and a mama of four that range from the ages of 5 all the way down to 1! She created Baby Elephant Ears because when their second child, Finn, was born he could never seem to get comfortable anywhere. He would cry out of this discomfort and it would truly break her heart. She knew she needed to do something besides running the vacuum cleaner to comfort him down with the noise. There had to be a better way! She went from person to person gathering advice and eventually ended up in a chiropractors office. The doctor explained Finn’s discomfort stemmed from his neck that lacked strength. She tried everything that was on the market in order to try and strengthen and support her son’s neck but nothing worked. She went the homemade route and Baby Elephant Ears was born. They worked with Finn and Alicia knew that she had to share her innovation and discovery with others. Other parents needed to know about this support that was needed for their little ones and the help that it could create by such a simple support system.


If you are looking for a way to provide some comfort to your little one. Baby Elephant Ears is the way to go.To find out more about Baby Elephant Ears and to stay in the loop as new products are developed. Head over to their social media channels here:





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