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If you love books. There are going to be a few books that are going to be free or deeply discounted over on Amazon. March 5-8, 2016 the following books are part of a massive promotion to announce the publication of the latest book in the acclaimed “…as  Second Language” self-help series: Parenting as a Second Language by Elisabeth Stitt.

The deeply discounted books are:
Happiness as a Second Language — on sale for 81% off the cover price at just $0.99!
Success as a Second Language — on sale for 81% off the cover price at just $0.99!
And offered FOR FREE for the first — and only — time:
How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace (Despite Having “Female Brains”)

These are three of the best-selling, best reviewed books in the Self-Help, Personal Growth and Women in Business categories on Amazon, and will be highly valuable to your entire audience.

Plus, Parenting as a Second Language by Elisabeth Stitt will be available at the introductory price of just $2.99 throught March 8th.

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How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace (Despite Having “Female Brains”)


How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace (Despite Having “Female Brains”) takes a frank and honest approach to examining what women are doing to hold ourselves back in the workplace, and how we can compete on a playing field designed by men to reward their achievements.

Using relevant studies in evolutionary biology, anthropology and sociology, as well as examples from her life as a securities lawyer, investment banker, Internet executive and screenwriter, Valerie Alexander explains the evolution of the “gendered” brain and the corporate structure, showcasing and dissecting areas where women’s natural tendencies prevent us from succeeding in male-designed workplaces.

While there are other books on the topic of male versus female brains, this is a concise, focused look at the issue that’s thorniest for women — dealing with male-dominated workplaces. For working women, this is behavior-focused and cuts to the chase about actions to avoid (and the consequences of them).

Happiness as a Second Language

Happiness as a Second Language is one of the top reviewed Happiness books on Amazon — and for good reason!
Check out what readers are saying:
“Easy to read, yet deep and meaningful, and very powerful”
“This book gives real advice, for real people!”
“It’s like a GPS for your happiness journey”

If you’re trying to teach yourself how to be happy in your daily life, stop thinking of happiness as an emotion you need to constantly control and start thinking of it as an instinct you can work to develop — like the language you naturally speak.

Happiness as a Second Language teaches happiness the same way you would learn any language that wasn’t spoken in your home. It starts with the most basic practices of being happy, then turns to more complicated techniques, and ultimately to advanced concepts.

Using this book as your guide, you will learn:
How to introduce yourself as happy
How to “count to five” in Happiness
The verbs, nouns and adjectives of Happiness
Happiness in the past, present, future and “future uncertain” tense
How to overcome those who actively try to negate your happiness
Key phrases in your new language, and
How to work past the setbacks that happen when learning anything new
Being happy is completely within your reach, but you have to do the work to get there.

This book is the ultimate textbook. The writing is simple and straightforward, the instructions easy to follow, and the sample situations are familiar, touching, often heartbreaking and sometimes hysterical. Start now, and you will be fluent in Happiness before you know it.

Success as a Second Language


The Ultimate Guidebook for Personal Success

If you weren’t raised being groomed for success, how would you know how to achieve it now? You would need to learn it step-by-step, like you would any foreign language. That is the purpose of Success as a Second Language: A Guidebook for Defining and Achieving Personal Success.

Using this book as your guide, you will learn:
How to discuss your goals and achievements in a way that inspires and engages others
How to avoid falling into the “Failure Spiral” while pursuing success
How to plan your days, months and years to stay on the Success track
The nouns, verbs and adverbs of Success
Success in the past, present, future and “past imperfect” tense
How to use — and not use — the word, “No” to advance your goals
How to work past the setbacks that happen when learning anything new

Success as a Second Language is the first step in your journey towards the success you seek. With time, effort and an unwavering commitment to yourself, you can be fluent in Success, as if it was the language spoken in your home.


Valerie Alexander is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and filmmaker), and she in the trademark holder of the phrase, “…as a Second Language” for all self-help and personal growth titles. She has spoken at numerous companies, conferences and colleges on the topics of Happiness, Happiness in the Workplace and the Advancement of Women, and has appeared on more than 100 talk shows, radio programs, podcasts and web summits as an expert in these areas. As a screenwriter, Valerie has worked with Joel Schumacher, Catherine Zeta Jones, Barry Sonnenfeld, Ice Cube, and others. She has written, produced and directed more than 50 short films, commercials and PSAs, most notably the anti-bullying short, Ballpark Bullies, and the groundbreaking ad, Say I Do, in support of marriage equality.  Prior to screenwriting, Valerie was a corporate securities lawyer, an investment banker, and the VP of Business Development for two new media start-ups




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