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Looking For The Ultimate Swaddle? Check Out Ollie World

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Having a new baby in the house often feels like nothing will EVER get done again. After being in the womb for all those months, they want to feel warm and snuggled. This usually means hours on end spent holding them close, doing your best to (very carefully) lay them down to sleep once they’ve finally nodded off. Slowly backing away from the crib (so as not to disturb them) you attempt to make your stealthy, ninja like exit. Low and behold… before you hit the hallway, there cries can be heard. You’ve been busted. Pick baby up and repeat.

baby swaddle review



You’ve discovered the incredibleness of a swaddle!

Swaddling helps baby feel safe, warm and cozy, allowing them a more peaceful sleep (and you the chance to have your hands free for awhile). My issue with swaddling has always been that I’m horrible at wrapping them. My husband would have the perfect swaddle, and mine would be all loose and leave much to be desired. The worse is when someone would advise me to “just wrap it like a burrito”. My burritos wrapping game leaves much to be desired as well….


swaddle me review

Luckily, the Ollie World thought of people like me when they created their swaddles! Not only do they velcro shut, they have a convenient loop tie at the bottom to close them up! No extra work or skill required. Just a nice comfy fit for baby, and a few moments of peace for parent. The swaddle we received was from their nature collection. We received it in lavendar, and the material allows it to adjust for perfect sizing. I love that the moisture-wicking fabric helps to prevent overheating, and the loop tie bottom makes it easy to change diapers without having to unswaddle the baby! This is a lifesaver!

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