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As a mom of five children and a grandmother to one grandson. One of my happiest times has been seeing the ultrasound. I recently found out about a product that I really wish would have been around when I first started having children however, I am glad that I have it now becuse I can put all of my children’s ultrasounds in the Heartbeat bear. In case you are not familiar with them.



The My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. Is an innovative product that provides everything needed to capture the precious sound that you hear at your ultrasound appointment. It creates a permanent lifelong treasure.There’s nothing more awe-inspiring for expecting parents than the sound of their baby’s heartbeat, heard for the first time during an ultrasound appointment. Now this milestone moment can be preserved forever thanks to the ultimate pregnancy keepsake along with the photo of your little one.

The Heartbeat Bear comes with an adorable stuffed animal and a red heart recorder. It’s easy to use, all you do is take your stuffed animal to your ultrasound appointment and easily capture this moment. If you have already recorded it on your cellphone or a CD you can easily transfer it to the My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. And don’t worry, If you are not a bear fan, there are 16 cute animals that you can choose from.



My Baby’s Heartbear Bear is affordable in price, is available at many 3D and 4D ultrasound studios across the country. Locate one near you, or purchase online at and would make the perfect holiday gift.

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