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Bloggers:Connect with brands and companies and make money on Sverve


Do you spend hours generating great blog content and sharing your wealth of knowledge on TWITTER and FACEBOOK? Then Sverve is for you. You’re the kind of social INFLUENCER who BRANDS and marketers would love to work with to share information about their products and services.


Have you heard of the new site called SVERVE? Sverve gives you a  PLATFORM to highlight your areas of EXPERTISE and earn the credit you deserve. Get recognized for your efforts. Get noticed for your knowledge.

Sverve has made it so easy for you, they have a list of campaigns that you can apply for where brands and companies have listed what they are looking for, all you have to do is apply for the ones that interest you then wait to get accepted.

Here are a few examples of  campaigns that are available right now:

As you can see there are a lot of options with Sverve, some companies pay via Paypal some offer you a free product to review. 

This sounds to good to be true right? I’m sure the think “This has to be a scam” “There has to be a catch” No Sverve is not a scam and there is not catch.

Go ahead check it out and get started with  SVERVE.  It’s free to sign up!

8 thoughts on “Bloggers:Connect with brands and companies and make money on Sverve

  1. I started a few weeks ago, but my blog stats are still too low for most of their programs right now. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be ready to go with them!

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