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Tips for Getting more Fruits and Vegetables into your Family’s Diet

Tips for Getting more Fruits and Vegetables into your Family’s Diet

One thing that many families are missing right now is the consumption of fruits and vegetables.  Moms know that fruits and vegetables are important for their health and their family’s health, but it isn’t always easy to get enough in our diets. The reality is that the busy schedules and taste preferences of adults and children today make it difficult to get all the nutrients they need from food alone. Fruits and vegetables play a vital role in proper nutrition. Both deliver many of the essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that the body needs for excellent health. Unfortunately, today’s Standard American Diet (its acronym is ‘SAD’ for a reason) is lacking in healthy fruits and vegetables.

Are you a mom trying not to nag your family about their eating habits? Use these tips to get more fruits and vegetables into your family’s diet.

* Put your family at ease – When you mention healthy, all anyone thinks about is rabbit food. They think you expect them to eat carrots and lettuce for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Teach them that all foods are okay to eat in moderation. Let them know that you are including more fruits and vegetables into their meals.  They can still have their favorites.

* Dispel the myth –Most children and many adults think that fruits and vegetables are not good often-times without ever giving them a try. If you never try them, you will never know just how great they taste.

* Turn it into a treat– Turn your family’s favorite fruits and vegetables into a frozen treat such as a shake or popsicle.

* Introduce them to new fruits and vegetables – Many children are creatures of habit. They probably won’t try anything new, let alone green, without your “influence.” Use dinner time as experimentation time. Start by adding new fruits and vegetables to meal staples to create unique and flavorful tastes. In fact, let the entire family try and evaluate foods that are better for them.

* Turn it into a drink-  Pull out the blender or juicer and make your family a veggie and fruit drink.

* Teach your family how to cook – It is a useful skill that will help your children save money as they get older. When you cook at home, you know what ingredients are in your food versus eating out. Talk about the best way to eat fruits and vegetables.

* Discuss how fruits and vegetables work in the body –  Show them how fruits and vegetables give them energy.

* Bake it –  Add your family’s favorite fruits and vegetables to muffins and loaves. Your family will never taste it.

* Substitute it – Instead of sugary snacks. Give fruit instead.

* Go slow  – Try to introduce one new fruit or vegetable every week.

Another great way that I recently found to get more fruits and vegetables into my family’s diet is One A Day with Nature’s Medley. My daughter tried them and loves them.

One A Day with Nature’s Medley is the only complete multivitamins with plant-based antioxidants from one total USDA serving size of fruits & vegetables. They are: 

  • Free of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Colors from natural sources.
  • Uniquely formulated for Men, Women, and Kids.

You can find them at your local Walgreens.

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