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Top Overlooked Ways To Make Money From Home


Many people who would like to make extra cash from home believe that their realistic options are limited to having a garage sale, taking online surveys, or selling items on Ebay.


In reality, there are many more realistic ways of making money from home that are far more lucrative (not to mention fun).


Here are the top overlooked ways to make money from home:


Turn Pictures Into Cash


Do you have any nice looking photos that you’ve taken on your smart phone? If so, you might be able to make a couple extra bucks selling them online. Your photos don’t need to be extremely professional or well edited, but they will need to be high quality and have good composition so they will capture other people’s attention.


There are a multitude of websites where you can post your photos and earn a royalty for each photo sold. If you start selling a couple each day, you can attempt to further expand your success by starting a website or an Instagram page to build followers.


Overall, it’s unlikely that you’ll make a living by selling photos, but it’s still a solid way to make extra spending money on the side.


Get Into Penny Stock Trading


Penny stocks are cheap stocks for smaller companies that sell for less than five dollars a share (and sometimes less than one). It’s a high risk but also high reward type of stock trading that has appeal to the typical person because you don’t have to invest a lot of money into it if you don’t want to, and yet there’s potential to earn a lot back on your investment (and in the short term as well).




Do you have skills as a writer, graphic designer, photo editor, and so on? If so freelancing can be a great way to make money from the side or even make a full living if you really commit to it. You can choose between one time gigs or long term projects, and the more you build up your portfolio and your reputation the more money you’ll be able to charge down the line.


Rent Out A Room In Your House


So long as you are comfortable with someone else living in your home part time, renting out a room or two is a great way to possibly earn thousands of extra dollars each year. The majority of people who do this will rent out an extra room in their basement, attic, or garage.


You can easily arrange a short term rental on sites such as Craigslist, where you will need to set the monthly rent as well as the rules the renter will have to follow for living in your home. Alternatively, you can rent out extra storage space to someone too (such as if you have a storage shed in your backyard that you don’t use).


Making Money From Home


If you’re serious about making good money from the comfort of your home, the above ideas are not ones that you will want to overlook.






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