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How To Transform Any Room on A Budget With Wall Decals

Disclosure: I received this product as an advertorial.

I love doing small projects around my home. It really allows me to de-stress and channel my creativity.  My latest project is my children’s bathroom. Although their bathroom is a good size, I wanted to make it fun and less boring on a budget. My first order of business was to change the boring towel racks and come up with a way to make the Walls Pop.

I was sent a package of wall decals from Brewster Home Fashions called Wall Pops which are removable wall decals. I personally prefer removable decals because as my children grow and their styles change, I can easily change the room without damaging the walls.

Wall Pops has a wide array of decals, however for this project I picked the Spot the Owl. The packaged contained 44 pieces on four 9.75″ x 17.25″ sheets.


The decals were so easy to work with.  First I applied the tree and added some flowers and owls.

wall pops1

Next, I used a screw-type hook which can be found at any Walmart or Hardware Store (I just had one in my toolbox from the previous project)

hook Add the screw to the desired space on your wall. ( I added them to the area where the towel rack was since the screw was already in the wall it was easy to insert this right into it.)

wall pops review

That’s it. You have a beautiful new wall using peel and stick wall art.

wall complete

I added a few mirrored butterflies that I had leftover from a different project that I added.

final wall pop cwahm disclosure

7 thoughts on “How To Transform Any Room on A Budget With Wall Decals

  1. These would be great for my son’s playroom. I need something on the walls to make it more fun!

  2. What an awesome idea adding the hook to the wall. Brings it all together plus it’s useful. I have always been afraid to use wall stickers. They really don’t peel off the paint? PS…I’m a renter

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