Mattresses Tips To Stay Elevated While Sleeping With Heartburn

  Mattresses Tips To Stay Elevated While Sleeping With Heartburn   Heartburn is among the worst things that can wake you up in the middle of your sleep. The burning sensation and chocking acid feeling can be quite unbearable. Good quality sleep is among the things that we must have for healthy living. When we […]

Best Plant-Based Sources of Protein

  Protein makes up the the building blocks of the body and is necessary for good health. Most people get their daily protein from animal sources in the form of meat, dairy or eggs. However, there are many great sources of protein that are plant-based. Here is a list of the best 8. Enjoy! Lentils […]

7 Benefits of Becoming More Minimalist

Some minimalists define this “less is more” practice as owning 100 things or less. Others who enjoy a minimalist lifestyle don’t obey a strict rule that dictates exactly how many items they have, they simply limit the number of virtual and physical possessions they obtain, and practice this ideology on an ongoing basis. However you […]

Save Time, Eat Healthy & Enjoy Your Family By Meal Planning

    The children are running around the kitchen. The dog is barking  at the door and dinner should have been on the table thirty minutes ago. It’s a common scenario in many households come dinner time. The reason that most meal times don’t always go smoothly may be because dinner is the last thing on […]

Top Uses For Club Soda

  I have another money saving tip for you today. If you are looking for my top Uses For Club Soda Check out my list below. Make fluffy pancakes: Make some tweaks to your favorite pancake recipe.Replace  half the milk with club soda, the carbonation makes them fluffy. Water Your Houseplants: When you have soda that […]

5 Top Apps To Keep Your Life Organized

One thing that you need when you are trying to save money and run your family on a budget are systems. If you have a smart phone, here are 5 of my Top Apps To Keep Your Life Organized.   Google Calendar: One thing that I do on a daily basis is use Google Calendar. […]

Hypnotherapy: Can It Cure Anxiety?

Inflammation in your body can lead to a number of health concerns. Inflammation is caused in part due to the release of particular hormones. These hormones, like cortisol, nicknamed the “stress hormone”, are released at times of great stress and anxiety. Even mild stress, when it is chronic in nature, occurring all the time, promotes […]

Top Fertility Drugs and How They Work

    Fertility drugs are known to be prescribed obviously in order to enhance fertility. In women, it is used to stimulate ovary’s development or to enhance the ovulation to more than one egg in a cycle. Fertility drugs either start ovulation or strengthen them and make them release more than one egg in one […]

How Morning Exercise Make You More Productive During the Day

It is no big secret that exercise, proper nutrition, getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water throughout the day is a proven recipe for health. Regarding exercise, is there a particular time of day when working out or staying physically active will deliver greater rewards? The answer to that question seems to be […]

How Salt Causes High Blood Pressure

You probably know that too much salt in your diet is bad for you. How much is too much? The American Heart Association recommends consuming a maximum of 1,500 mg of sodium each day. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) suggests eating no more than 2,300 mg of salt on a daily basis. The FDA in […]