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Christmas is just around the corner and CouponWAHM will be bringing you some really good giveaway’s. Hopefully, you will win some great prizes that you can keep for our family or give away as gifts. This time of year is the perfect time to remember that special person in your life or the person that has been thoughtful that you would like to show your gratitude by giving a gift of appreciation.

One of the best parts of the Holiday Gift Guide is we get to work with and discover so many new companies. RoosterFin Games is are a family-friendly educational games created by former math teacher, Joe RoosterFin. Joe’s games are simple to learn and fun to play with the whole family at your next family game night, BBQ, or birthday party. They also make great gifts for the holidays.

Janell at SavingYouDinero.com received 3 of their games and their kids had a blast! It’s really hard to get kids to play together offline and these games accomplished that. Her kids loved these games. They will be used often for family game nights!

3 FUN Board Games From RoosterFin Games! family board games, family card games

The best part about these games is that they are good for all ages! They are easy to play and understand but you are also have fun – together – offline!

3 FUN Board Games From RoosterFin Games! family board games, family card games


Bounce your balls, one at a time, toward the target. Bounce best and you win! For fun competition, take the challenge solo or as a team. Play Mohawkz anywhere you want to bounce, fly, and score!

3 FUN Board Games From RoosterFin Games! family board games, family card games

Lumpy Cubes

It is a quick-play stacking game designed to improve your memory, reaction time, and motor skills. The unique feature of this game is that each patterned challenge card has only one way to be correctly stacked. If you find it and stack it first you win!

3 FUN Board Games From RoosterFin Games! family board games, family card games

Turtle Flip

All players are part of the action in this fast-paced card game of left, right, flippin’ fun! The game is a classic memory game with the twist. It helps kids learn left from right and the value of numbers. The object of the game is to win FLIP tokens by playing high numbered cards. It is like a game of hot potato or musical chairs. The player left with the best card when they stop moving wins!

This holiday season, buy something that doesn’t require batteries. Enjoy a family game night together with these fun board games for kids and adults. No one will miss their electronic devices, I promise!

One lucky reader is going to win 2 of these games and 20 people are going to win a coupon for 20% off! Enter Below!

Details: Dates 11/25 – 12/07 11:59pm EST. US Only. Good Luck!


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