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Family Fall Fun Tips to Enjoy



As the weather begins to cool, people think about traditions from their childhood, activities that they used to enjoy as autumn descended upon their communities.  Soon you will see men raking leaves into huge piles, and kids spreading the leaves as they jump into them. The scene is played out along streets and lanes and in the memories of those that once enjoyed the past time.

Autumn traditions are as prevalent today as in days gone by; however, the traditions may be different.  No one can deny that as autumn draws near, men begin thinking about football and hunting.  It seems the cooler weather causes men’s testosterone to rise, bringing about a fierceness that requires them to chase some opponent or poor unsuspecting animal.  However barbaric the tradition may seem to women, it’s a good time to allow the men-folk to purge the rowdiness from their systems.

Women have their own traditions – canning, cooking, and preparing for winter are common activities that women enjoy.  The natural tendency of a woman is to store and nest, therefore she makes sure there’s plenty for the coming winter months. These traditions have been passed down from generation to generation, just like a great family recipe.

In fact, food seems to be a common thread among fall traditions. Whether it’s the barbecue prepared during tailgating parties or the more genteel fare shared by ladies at a harvest luncheon, food plays a major part in the traditions we enjoy.  Who can think of fall without thinking of freshly baked apple pie or the Thanksgiving spread? Now is the time apples are in abundance, so enjoy the many varieties in cooking, baking, or right off the tree.

Autumn is a great time to entertain out of doors. Most bugs are gone, the weather is more agreeable, and people are ready to relax a little.  Take a long walk and enjoy the crunch of the leaves underfoot or take a drive and revel in the beauty of the rapidly turning leaves as they change from green to orange, yellow, red, and brown.  The cascade of color is something that many drives all over to enjoy.

While you’re out enjoying nature’s beauty, why not stop at one of the local craft fairs?  Not only will you be able to spend the day in the fresh air, but you might also find some great buys for the coming holidays.

Traditions are important whether they are based around autumn or another event or time of year, every family has them.  It might be burning leaves along the side of the road after the children have had their fun in them or enjoying a nature hike. If you don’t have a family tradition, now would be a great time to create a new one with your children.  Not only will you reconnect with your family, but you might also just be starting a tradition that will last as long as great-great-grandma’s apple pie.


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