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Head over to Mercury Mags to request a FREE subscription to Reader’s Digest! Just choose homemaker as your occupation, if you are currently unemployed or a stay at home mom! It should arrive within 6-8 weeks and you’ll never receive a bill!

Thanks, Katie’s Krazy Savings!

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Sabrina is the author and creative force behind CouponWAHM and owner of Tremani Enterprise LLC. She is a Social Media Specialist and Strategist who continues to stay on the cutting edge of Social Media and Internet Marketing.Sabrina has successfully worked with companies such as Walmart,ABCMouse,Soda Stream, RockNLearn and More in an effort to bring more exposure and revenue to their brands.


  1. Hi. I am fun of reading readers digest. May I request for a free subscription of your books?


  2. Carlos Alberto de Almeida Dias says:

    When I was young I were used to read a lot. Excellent material, I read everything posted since fifties to seveventies I enjoyed a lot. Excellent paper, never a single misspelling, excellent content. It would be great if a lot more people were willing to read so much interesting stuff and other fun stuff. I recommend without blinking,

  3. Oh yes. I would be extremely glad if you could spare me a one year FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO READER’S DIGEST. Since high school at 14 years old i’ve been an avid reader/subscriber of RD. I GUESS I DESERVE TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREE COPIES OF RD SINCE I AM NOW RETIRED AT 69 years old. Thank you!

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