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Guide To Finding Coupons


There is a common misconception that high-income shoppers do not use coupons which are proved wrong. All levels of shoppers use coupons to save more on their monthly budget. There are still so many people that are not sure where they can find coupons. There are many sources for finding coupons but here are just a few.

Local Newspaper
Subscribe to your local newspaper and search for useful coupons every day. Generally the Sunday or weekend edition paper will often have a wide collection of coupons.

Almost all the magazines will feature coupons within their industry. It is advisable for you to check in your library to find magazines featuring useful coupons for you before you go out and rack up subscriptions bills.

Sign up with the newsletters of your favorite companies. Go to their websites or you can do it at your local store. It is common for companies to include coupons in their newsletters. When you get a discount shoppers card, naturally some companies will put you on their newsletter. A discount shopping card is another useful source for saving money.

Online Coupon Sites
There are a number of online sites that have online or printable coupons.

Local Coupon Sites
There are many local websites issuing coupons for businesses in your local area. Usually, these sites are listed in your yellow pages and online.

Shopping Newspaper
Many shopping newspapers and daily papers will usually contain a variety of coupons and advertising from many retailers.

Grocery Store
Your grocery store is the greatest source of coupons. Some stores print coupons on the back of your receipt, whilst some have coupons in various places throughout the store.

Online shopping sites
More and more deals can be found online. By shopping online, you are more likely to get better deals and save plenty of time.

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