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How the Internet Has Revolutionized Opportunities for WAHM



Less than two decades ago, stay at home mothers (SAHM) had very few opportunities to become work at home mothers (WAHM). This was especially true for women who lived in remote areas or who had minimal access to childcare. As the internet has grown in scope and become more user-friendly it has revolutionized the lives of SAHMs and WAHMs.

This growth is expected to continue over the coming years. According to current statistics, only about 3.5 billion people are connected to the internet and about half of those people connect via wireless networks. Growth projections anticipate a quadrupling of those numbers in the coming years. This means there will be more opportunities for women to work online, save money, and network.

Online Work

When the internet first began gaining in popularity there were many people claiming to offer ways for women to earn money online. Unfortunately, a large majority of those were little more than scams. This had the effect of discouraging women from pursuing online work. Over the past decade, however, legitimate opportunities have multiplied and it is now possible to easily find great job opportunities without ever leaving your home.

The increasing availability of unlimited wireless internet has been a huge game changer for women all over the world. Even if they are unable to leave their homes due to their role as a mother or because of geographic constraints, women have numerous opportunities to work online. They have the ability to not only make ends meet through their online efforts, but more women than ever are finding ways to thrive financially from their online careers.

Printable Coupons

The way many SAHMs become aware of the revolutionary power of the internet is when they discover the power of printable coupons. They may have begun slowly by looking for sales to find ways to contribute financially to the family with meal planning to save money. Then they inevitably discover the immense amount of money they can save utilizing online coupons.

From there they begin to wonder what else is possible. A little research quickly turns up a wide array of ways to monetize their ability to save their families money and suddenly they are WAHMs.


One of the most powerful ways the internet has revolutionized the world of WAHMs is through its ability to facilitate networking between women who would have otherwise never had the opportunity to meet. Women are able to share their expertise, locate others with similar interests and expertise, and work with mentors who are able to help them grow faster than has ever been possible.

Social networking sites like Pinterest and Facebook are obvious ways in which the networking trend has exploded. But blogs and online courses have played a significant role in the process as well. Sites such as Meetup have helped connect women in the same area and allow them to support one another in person as well.

As the internet continues to become more influential in the daily lives of all people, the ability of WAHMs to achieve greater success will also grow. It is an exciting time for women who are interested in creating a financially abundant life while having the ability to stay at home with their children.


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