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Keep Your family’s iPad Safe Rug-Ed PROLOCK MINI Case #HolidayEssentials

If you’re a mom like me. You would probably agree that electronics are becoming more and more prominent in our society, even in school. We recently moved our children to public school after the closing of their Christian School and was pleasantly surprised when we were told that the children had their on chrome books for use at school. The downside to this is, they aren’t’ able to bring them home. So what did we do? My husband and I went on a quest to find the most cost-efficient device on the market and fortunately for us, we were able to purchase an iPad Mini so they would be able to access their homework and study notes. Although we got a great deal on the tablet. We look at the device as an investment because it definitely was not cheap. And we sure can’t afford to replace it due to accidental mishaps. That’s why I”m super excited about an iPad case that I recently received from Rug-Ed called the PROLOCK MINI .

Each package includes the following:

  • Rug-Ed ProLOCK case
  • Tempered-glass screen protector
  • Removable stand
  • Locking fasteners and install tool


When we opened the case, I was very impressed with the quality and the value provided by the protection guarantee. With the PROLOCK MINI Case from Rug-Ed we don’t have to worry about the tablet if our children drop it or bang it around.  Rug-Ed is the first to offer a solution that combines a premium protective case that includes unlimited, zero deductible iPad break or repairs.


My 9-year-old daughter asked if she could put the case on the iPad. Because it looked relatively easy to assemble, I agreed as long as she allowed me to step in when she needed help. I must admit, it took her less than 10 minutes to put the case on.


The first step was to make sure that the protective cover was placed on the tablet correctly. (This was the only part that required my assistance)



Next, she wiped the tablet clean and removed all of the air bubbles. This is a very important step before locking the tablet in place.



Next, she placed the tablet in the case. As you can see, we have a little damage on the iPad but that’s ok. The case covers it and now that we have the PROLOCK MINI , we don’t have to worry about any further damage occurring.


Next, she placed the clear back cover on the tablet before applying the locking fasteners.

Now comes the part that I thought she would really need my help. Installing the fasteners and locking them in place. But, she didn’t need me after all.



When installing the fasteners, you will need to add one to each side and push them together so that they lock.


Then you use the install tool to secure them tightly.



What I really love is the fact the PROLOCK MINI comes with a nice stand that you just snap on.

That’s it….. the installation is complete. The stand is a perfect addition because it allows you to watch your favorite shows handsfree.




Because the Rug-Ed PROLOCK MINI case is so lightweight, you can easily hold it while watching your favorite shows with ease.

ProLOCK Case Features:

  1. Tamper-proof locking to prevent unwanted removal (e.g. by children) to ensure protection at all times
  2. Handle for easy carrying, presentation, or collaboration
  3. Thin profile and lightweight
  4. Corner bumpers for maximum drop protection
  5. Two viewing angles

Of course, we had to put the case to the test. Watch in slow motion, what happens when my daughter drops her iPad.

She was so afraid that the tablet would be broken but pleasantly surprised to find that it was perfectly fine afterward.

The Rug-Ed PROLOCK MINI case is the choice of protection for some of the largest K-12 education iPad deployments in the US. The PROLOCK MINI Mini case is compatible with the: iPad Mini 4. They also have a ProLock 9.7 that is compatible with the following devices – iPad Air / Air 2/ Pro 9.7 / iPad 9.7 (2017) / 5th Gen (2017) / 6th Gen (2018).  They also have an iPhone case that is coming out which is awesome especially since more and more teenagers are getting iPhones and dropping them resulting in costly repairs.

At an affordable price point of less than $40. I think the Rug-Ed PROLOCK MINI is the perfect gift for not only the upcoming holiday but all year long. To find out more about Rug-Ed. Head over to their website or follow them on their social media outlets. Keep Your family’s iPad Safe Rug-Ed PROLOCK MINI Case.

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