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Mattresses Tips To Stay Elevated While Sleeping With Heartburn


Mattresses Tips To Stay Elevated While Sleeping With Heartburn


Heartburn is among the worst things that can wake you up in the middle of your sleep. The burning sensation and chocking acid feeling can be quite unbearable. Good quality sleep is among the things that we must have for healthy living. When we fail to get enough sleep, chances are that we will be irritated and restless the following day, and in the long run, lead to depression and other complications.

For this reason, we must always ensure that we get a good night’s rest free from any discomfort that may cause us to toss and turn through the night. Among the issues that we must look at is the mattress quality, and the information is available online on a variety of websites. Individuals who suffer from heartburn and related symptoms can alleviate some of the discomfort while sleeping.



Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD is a chronic form of heartburn. Heartburn occurs when stomach acid backs up the food pipe (esophagus). While sleeping, there are a couple of tips that one can implement to ensure that they relieve themselves of the pain which can cause them not to sleep. One way is by adjusting the mattress position; other tips are more focused on what we do before bed such as:

  • Avoiding too much of fatty foods
  • Eating before going to bed. Instead, we should have meals 2 to 3 hours before. In case, you have anything, let it be a light snack and something that will not irritate you.
  • Wear lose pajamas
  • Have gum and not citrus flavored if you’ve had fatty foods. Gum increases saliva production which is useful for countering the effects of the stomach acids

These are just among the many tips that one can use to reduce the effects and production of stomach acid.


Which Mattress Tips Can Help One Stay Elevated While Sleeping With Heartburn?


Sleeping Position

The sleeping posture that one takes can either worsen or alleviate some of the pain from the acid reflux. Side sleeping, particularly on your left side, has been known to improve digestion, ease acid reflux, and heartburn. It also helps your brain filter out waste and toxin drainage from the lymph nodes. A study was done by that explained that right side sleeping is hazardous for heartburn and acid reflux, it worsens the condition, therefore causing more discomfort. The body’s anatomy also plays a significant role. When we sleep on our left side, the stomach positioning prevents any acid reflux.


Raising Your Bed

You can consider raising your bed by placing a variety of materials including cement blocks, wood or books at the foot of the bed at the head region. This has been known to be effective. Bed wedges are also an option – these can be placed between the mattress and box springs. The support that you use should raise the bed approximately 15 to 20cm (4 to 8 inches). This is the appropriate height for the right support.



Get an Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed is a simple solution to elevating using wood, cement or books and sometimes plastic. There are automatic or manually adjustable beds; you’ll choose the one that fits your budget. These beds raise the head, neck and shoulders to the right height preventing any acid reflux. They offer a more long-term solution compared to using risers.


Using Pillows

Pillows are also a great option although one must be careful not to cause strain the neck and at times, the head position might actually worsen the acidity. There are pillows designed explicitly to relieve heartburn, and you can purchase one online. They are referred to as wedge pillows, and they offer excellent support for the head, neck and shoulders, preventing any acid reflux.


So, should heartburn be giving you a nightmare and prevent you from having a good night’s rest? With the above tips should, you are sure to get some relief. Remember always to see a doctor when symptoms persist.


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