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Plan to Sell on Amazon? Here are 8 Useful Tips

Plan to Sell on Amazon? Here are 8 Useful Tips


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If you are thinking about going into an online business through Amazon, you’ve got to do your research and put a lot of work in setting up a competitive start-up. Now, you’ve landed on the right article because we will provide you with the 7 useful Amazon selling tips that will surely set up your game.

  1. Build your brand.

Although you can easily start your business on Amazon without branding and still sell your products, remember that what you are aiming for are repetitive transactions.

If you come across as an anonymous seller because you have not been able to establish a brand name, then you’ll probably have a hard time bringing your customers back.

It is very important to register your brand and become more distinguishedif you want to sell more than just one product. So find a catchy and relevant brand name to gain more attention from other half a dozen “no name” products.

Your brand reflects your personality as the business owner. With that, it’s important that you create a personal connection with your audience and meet their needs.

  1. Ask customers to leave reviews.

Positive product reviews can skyrocket your sales. They are a form of social proof because they improve people’s perception of you through the opinions of others. However, not all buyers leave feedbacks so you have to go the extra mile and ask for their evaluations nicely.

Make it easy for them by providing the link where they can leave a product review and if someone does give a comment, never forget to send them a thank you email.


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Many have achieved big payouts as made reviews a priority. To further increase your positive reviews, be there to address your customers’ problems when they’re upset. Give a free gift or refund if possible.

  1. Know what products you will sell.

One of the ways on how to sell on Amazonis figuring outwhat exactly to sell. With so many niches and products to choose from, one can easily get confused and go for whatever one thinks is best. But that shouldn’t be the case.

Make your research and learn the products that are profitable in the market these days. Also, go for items that don’t easily break so you can avoid damage that results in customer complaints and refunds. It’s also important that you’re genuinely interested in your products as you’ll be able to promote them better.

  1. Optimize product details for search.

In this day and age, Amazon has become a more competitive marketplace for sellers. So you have to eagerly work your way out to progressively increase traffic in your site. This allows you to reach your potential customers and heighten your chances of selling your products over others.

The good news is Amazon has made it easier for buyers to locate what they want to buy and give them a pool of options to choose from because they can drill down their hunt for items into different attributes or categories.




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A customer can just type in specific product information like “Mac Book Pro 15 inch with touch bar” and they can easily narrow down their search to the exact item that they are looking for.

In short, Amazon utilizes the product information, such as product titles and descriptions, which the sellers provide and match it with what the customers prefer.

Therefore, it is imperative that you use accurate product details, state their major features and benefits, and use the right keywords to optimize your eCommerce products for customer searches.

  1. Use competitive pricing.

The advantage that buyers get out from shopping in Amazon is the ease in finding better prices. Price is actually one of the biggest factors that could help them decide whether or not they will make a purchase.

So, as a seller, you have to extend your efforts in knowing the price ranges you’re competing against with.



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If you are selling an item that’s frequently purchased, do some research and list a competitive price for your product because having a lower price will allow your items to be shown at the top of the search results.

You can also choose to utilize Amazon’s match low price feature efficiently. This tool allows you to continually match with the lowest prices on for your products.

  1. Take professional product images.

No buyer would want to pay interest in a listing that has poor or no quality photos. So, flaunt your professional photography skills and always use a number of excellent shots for your products. That definitely excludes grainy or blurry pictures.

It is essential that your buyers can physically see what they are going to buy and obviously, that can only be possible through photos.

Continually keep your images fresh and up to date because this will make you appear more professional and trustworthy.

  1. Consider using Fulfillment by Amazon.

When selling online, it is critical that you quickly and accurately ship the exact items that your customers purchased. If you can’t constantly deliver orders on time then, you’re not going to be in the business for long. This is one of the huge challenges sellers face.



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But what’s amazing is that you can actually fulfill orders with more ease through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA is a service offered by Amazon, in which they can fulfill your orders for you.

This allows you to give your customers the same level of fulfillment service that Amazon is famous for. Through FBA, you’ll be able to upscale your business and get in touch with more customers.

  1. Make customer service a top priority.


Good customer service is essential for any business to succeed. So make sure that customers can always reach you through email or phone when they have concerns. Resolve customer issues as fast as you can. Have a social media presence.


In online shopping, this can go a long way because how you deal with your customers will greatly influence your eCommerce success.


Having quality services will help you gain clientele trust and loyalty. Not only do you increase your sales from existing buyers, you will also attract more first-time transactions due to good product reviews or recommendations.


Customers like to shop with sellers that are prompt in addressing their inquiries or concerns. This assures them that their needs and wants will be met.




With these tips, you will be able to establish a flourishing eCommerce brand through Amazon. Strive to make your name stand out in the tough competition. Build your brand, facilitate easy recognition, and simply be able to portray what sets you apart from your rivals.Now go achieve success with these 7 simple steps!



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