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If you have a college student, listen up.I have a great way for you to save money on one of the biggest expenses in college which is books. It’s no secret that students everyday spend more money on books that they will only use a couple of times than any other expense in college. That’s why I’m so excited about Campus Book Rentals. If you are not familiar with Campus Book Rentals, watch the video and see how it works.

Another thing that I love about Campus Book Rentals is that they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented.

Operation Smile

Operation Smile mobilizes its network of more than 5,400 medical volunteers from more than 80 countries who donate their time and talents to provide safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery, and deliver postoperative and ongoing medical therapies to children in low and middle income countries. Since 1982, Operation Smile has provided more than 220,00 free surgical procedures for children and young adults.

Their volunteer-based teams of international medical professionals repair cleft deformities, but equally important, they restore hope and renew lives by improving the physical, mental and social well-being of each child.

In addition to short-term mission work, Operation Smile provides long-term, sustainable medical care through the establishment of year-round treatment centers. Through the implementation of educational programs and medical training, as well as contributing medical equipment and supplies, Operation Smile grows medical self-sufficiency in resource poor environments.

Head over to Campus Book Rentals and start saving money today.

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