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Septic Cleanse Get’s Rid Of Sewer Gas Fast




If you have ever had the experience of having a horrible smell coming from your bathroom or an area close to your bathroom. You will be happy to hear that I have found the perfect product to get ready of that horrible Sewer Gas smell. I received this product for the purpose of review before I even needed it. I held on to the system until we moved into our new home. I wasn’t really sure when or if I would ever need to use the kit but I thought it would be good to get just in case. When you are a homeowner, things can happen at any time.


Check out my experience here: 



This is what the packs look like. The packs are disolvable and don’t need to be opened. 



I personally opened mine because you can add the enzyme to water and pour down your drains.


Why is Septicleanse So Amazing?  Because it dissolves sludge, grease & bio-mat rapidly. It also, restores smooth drainage and relieves back-up. It  is a SUBSTANTIALLY Lower Cost than calling in a plumber. It comes in Dissolving Packets – No Lifting, Pouring, Storing Heavy tubs. What I love is that it is safe around Families & Pets – No Chemicals and it is up to 500% Stronger than store-bought formulas.


If you are experiencing sewer gas or if you just want to keep your septic system clean. I highly recommend Septic Cleanse.




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