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Top Uses For Club Soda

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I have another money saving tip for you today. If you are looking for my top Uses For Club Soda Check out my list below.

Make fluffy pancakes:

Make some tweaks to your favorite pancake recipe.Replace  half the milk with club soda, the carbonation makes them fluffy.

Water Your Houseplants:

When you have soda that has gone flat. Pour it in your houseplants. The potassium and other minerals will enrich the soil

Soothe an upset tummy:

Club soda is a great antacid. It can be used to treat heartburn,indigestion and upset stomach.

Repair damaged hair:

Rinse your hair with club soda after a day at the pool. The fizz helps restore your hair after the damage caused by the chlorine.

Clean cast-iron pans:

Pour club soda in a warm skillet, scrub and the bubbles will help remove food particles quickly

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