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Trophies: We All Want One

Trophies: We All Want One


When we participate in different activities, whether it is considered to be extra-curricular or a paid experience, it is normal for one to put their heart and soul into the task. Well, it is the American way for competition to make its way into just about anything, whether work or play. It is also human nature for one to be recognized for outstanding work. Sometimes a pat on the back will do and other times it takes a little bit more for the accolade to resonate. One thing is for sure, nothing beats a trophy.

Trophies have long been one of the most sought-after acknowledgments in human history. Everybody wants one. They symbolize the best in their respective field or designated discipline. They have always brought out the biggest smile and the most tears of loved ones for those that do receive them. They also represent an outstanding achievement and there is typically only one known as the best.

While it is true that some trophies indicate that you are better than everyone else, it is more important to assess how it affects the psyche. We must say that it definitely boosts the self-confidence of the winner. This type of impact cannot only propel one to higher heights in their craft, but it also has the ability to increase their confidence. This could lead one to new breakthroughs that will have an impact on their ability to break barriers for their respective audiences. It is the norm for those who are considered to be the first to do something to receive many many many accolades. The accolades often create an honest sway of emotion to where others want to be just like them or to desire to exceed them.

Further, there can also be an elevation in social status. The social impact of awards has the aptitude to facilitate so much attention to the recipient to where it can lead him to be viewed as the foremost authority in the chosen field. Imagine how this ignites further research in a particular discipline or better yet, the quality of what has brought the recipient to be viewed as the winner. Trophies have so many meanings. Everyone wants them even if they are inexpensively made. It is what it represents that matters most.

Think of a ceremony where there are several finalists. There is that one special someone who walks up to the microphone to make the announcement of the winner. Once the announcement is made, the winner’s life is never the same again. Another example would be to an athlete that has just won a race. Two of the most important things that matter to an athlete is that their hand is raised and that they are visibly seen in front of a crowd receiving the trophy.

No matter what, trophies matter! They matter to the young and old alike. For example, the little kid that receives a trophy from their after-school activities is the happiest little child in history. They work harder in school just to participate. When there is a trophy involved, a parent may not have to do much to encourage the child to do the right thing. Just dangling the thought of receiving a trophy is enough motivation to guide the child to place their energies in the right direction.

It is wise to remember that there is a direct link between the trophy and the recipient. While the trophy is what everyone wants and it is great to receive it, it is just as important to recognize that a trophy will mean absolutely nothing without the effort of the recipient. Take for example the article, “Players: Trophy Is Not The Prize,” published by the New York Times. This article highlights the blood, sweat, and tears of athletes. The athletes referenced put so much into their preparation that they stress the body to exceed its norms in order to pursue the attainment of being recognized as the number one athlete competing. This is excellent because although one is looking to receive the trophy, the athlete’s trophy is a symbol of everything that it took to get to being recognized as the best.


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