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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for your husband




Valentine’s Day is an occasion for people to show their love for one another.  For husbands and wives, it is a time to go above and beyond for the person that we have pledged to love as long as we live.  Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts that your husband is sure to love.

The first rule of gift giving is to give a gift that the receiver will cherish.  Erroneously, we often choose a gift that we would like to receive and give it to someone else.  We shouldn’t wonder why they are less than head over heels about the gift.  On Valentine’s Day this rule is very important since the name of the game is demonstrating our love for another.

With that said, let’s move on to the special man in your life.  All romantic gifts do not have to have a serious nature.  Men are most surprised by humorous gifts.

What activities does your husband enjoy?  It may be golf, basketball, fishing, reading, or one of a hundred other things.  Don’t be afraid to get him the latest book by his favorite author or a new set of fishing lures.  Boxes of chocolate and roses are what women would like to get, not their husbands.  Sure, it is a nice thought, but a pair of tickets to the basketball game or a weekend trip to his favorite golf course would really show him that you put some thought into his gift.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to show that you care.  If your husband is the king of remote controls, then a remote control caddy would be right up his alley.  Some caddies have extra pockets for magazines and other husband type things.  With this gift, he’ll never have to look for another lost remote control again.

Husband and wives are so busy sometimes that they miss out on time spent together.  Sometimes, the most precious gift you can give is not something that you can buy.  Make up your own coupon book for your husband this Valentine’s Day.


Use a theme for the coupon book such as time, romance or sports.  A suggestion for a coupon would be something like, “This coupon good for three hours of free time on Saturday.”  Well, Saturdays are supposed to be relaxing days but we often send the hubby out to fix everything that has been broken all year on Saturdays.  These coupons give him what he most wants — time alone.

Let him know all day long how much you care with heart messages.  Heart messages are written on pink, red, or white paper hearts and left in places where he is sure to find them.  Stuff one in the pocket of the jacket he will wear that day.  Slip one in his shoe or his briefcase or his lunch bag.  The messages express something about him that you love and appreciate.

Valentine’s Day gifts are a way of expressing love for your husbands.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t show love throughout the year, but one day has been set aside to go all out with appreciation.  Think of something that he wants and present it to him in the most creative way that you can.

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