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Inexpensive Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Kids



Kids love any occasion where they get presents.  Valentine’s Day is no different. Here are a few ideas for Inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

Kids give quirky valentines to kids in their class.  Let them know that these valentines are not about romantic love but friendships.  As parents we can give our kids a cute handmade Valentines Day card. It is inexpensive and something that they will remember for a long time to come.

Wake them up with a gift basket.  Kids like to dig for things.  Hide as many treats as you can in the basket for them to find.  Include books, coloring books, crayons, stickers and the like in the basket.  Toys are also good additions in a Valentine’s Day basket.

Are your kids into sports?  They are always in need of new equipment.  A basket filled with sports-related gear gets them excited.  My son is into skateboarding.  An idea for a skateboarder would be a new set of wheels, shoe laces, elbow pads or a helmet.

Kids usually don’t get to spend nearly enough time with mom and dad.  When both parents are busy, precious family time can be lost.  More than one child in the house reduces that time even further.  Kids like one-on-one time with parents so that they can feel special.

This Valentine’s Day, award them with that special time.  For girls, why not make an appointment for a spa day with your daughter(s).  Show them how to relax and spend time with mom.  Talk about girly things as you get a manicure and a pedicure.  Ask them how school is going during lunch.  Don’t set a timetable.  Clear your schedule for the entire day so that nothing will interrupt the bonding time.

For boys, time spent with dad can be like winning the lottery.  When planning a special day like this, don’t forget to consider what your son would like to do, even if it is something that you are not particularly interested in.  As a parent, you get to be the one trying a new thing this time.  Spend the day at the arcade playing video games, fishing, playing baseball, or whatever else your child wants to do so long as you are doing it together.

Take them to the store for a new outfit.  They may want a new pair of pants, shoes, or a dress.  At Christmas we give them clothes that they need, but on Valentine’s Day they can get something that they want.  No matter how outrageous it seems, let them be in control of their wardrobe for one day.

Let your kids be king or queen of the castle for a day.  They get to have their parents do the chores for them on Valentine’s Day.  They can stay up later and watch movies if they wish.  It’s only for one day, so don’t worry about a loss of sleep.

Kids are thrilled about any occasion that they get to celebrate something.  Teach them about showing love on Valentine’s Day through the gifts that you give.

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